Everything starts with an idea...

We are an international non-profit committed to the global promotion of responsible development practices through precedent, cooperation and education.  One of our main purposes is to be able to enter any environment and create the most appropriate design solutions regarding sustainability, materials, energy and construction in any challenging location: a development solution that engages the challenges of poverty, social conflict and oppression, health and environmental destruction. 

Every environment presents a unique challenge with specific obstacles within finance, resource management, and social and cultural dynamics.  We strive to create models that when replicated help provide sustainable solutions for an area's developmental problems.

Paul Figueroa and farmers learning about sustainable practices and processing

Our Mission

The work we do is local - it must work with and part of the community - but the challenges we address are global.  Community communication and support are essential for success in any environment.  There are local development problems all across the world:  China's use of high-rise construction is depleting building resources and creating miles of impervious land and concrete "heat islands"; Brazil is burning through their supply of rainforest and lumber to supply agriculture for export to the rest of the world; fish species are being depleted and going extinct at an alarming rate to provide food for a growing world population; India is consuming water so quickly that it is predicted its most sacred river, the Ganges, will go dry within 50 years; the United States is consuming products, oil, and electricity at such a massive rate that we currently consume 25% of the world's oil and electricity, 1/4 of of which can be attributed to development, building use and construction.  The world has no shortage of development challenges; they are present in every part of the world.

The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else.
— Barry Commoner