The Monte Cristo Reserve & Ecological Center

The Monte Cristo Reserve & Ecological Center offers a very unique opportunity to visit and work at a beautiful 250 acre rainforest ecological reserve located in the heart of the Peruvian Jungle.  The Reserve is designed as a model of development that engages some of the most pressing issues in the Amazon - sustainable agriculture, deforestation, eco-economics and eco-tourism.  

Monte Cristo is a lodge, farm, reserve and research center.  It is located in the mountainous high-altitude rainforests of Peru - only 3 hours from Machu Picchu.  Numerous species of birds, vascular flora, plants and mammals live and flourish in this area - including the rare and beautiful Tunki.

Monte Cristo is not only a place where you can experience the beauty and majesty of the rainforest, but also a place to engage in ways to protect the environment, learn about sustainable agriculture, journey on spiritual quests and learn the medicinal ways of the plants.  It is a dynamic development model, as well as a sanctuary.


Machu Picchu

The Monte Cristo Ecological Center is located just 3 hours north of Machu Picchu


Project Overview

Here are a few of the projects that we are currently engaged in and building:

  • Organic Farming
    • Coffee, Avocadoes, Bananas, fruits, Cacao
  • Fish Hatchery
    • The first stages of a fish hatchery have been built by the Peruvian government next to our reserve.  
  • Medicinal Garden
    • Under construction
  • Greenhouse
    • Under construction
  • Volunteer Center
    • Under construction
  • Reforestation
    • Seeding center and outreach to community
  • Animal Sanctuary
    • Monte Cristo acts as a reserve and sanctuary to animals caught by poachers and traders

Green coffee image.jpg

Organic Specialty Coffee

We farm, produce, and export specialty coffee to the United States

The Ecological center is a multi-purpose site in which the primary goal is to create a working model of ecological and economic sustainability that will preserve the natural and cultural history and richness of the area.  The primary vision is to create a new paradigm of interaction between the local community, visitors and nature that becomes of mutual benefit and economic success.


The Reserve is located approximately 2 hrs northeast of Quillabamba near the small town of Echarate - one of the agricultural heartlands of the Amazon.