Café Perla Coffee

The Institute of I.D.E.A.S. works with Café Perla coffee to help support farmers and the environment in a bid to use sustainable farming practices and transparency in the supply chain to help foster sustainable practices in the coffee market.

For 10 years the I.O.I has been traveling to farms across Peru to establish direct trade relationships and build support within the local communities to use and build upon sustainable agricultural methods in producing and exporting their coffee.  Sustainable agriculture is a very complicated chain of actions and decisions - all of which have an impact on the environment - from the buyer to the producer.

We currently work with approximately 7 different processing plants and thousands of farmers to both help their working and living conditions and also protect the abundance of the environments that they come from.

We are directly involved in every part of the supply chain.

We work directly with all of our farmers to ensure we help them to create a greater standard of life.  We have bicycle programs, gifting programs, and even food and clothing.